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Beta or stable (RTM) version?

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I have two questions:
I downloaded and installed Camstudio installer from camstudio.org, but it says in the programs and features control panel (win7) item that it is a beta version (in the version column: 2.6 Beta r294). Is it really a beta version, if yes where can I download the stable version?

My other question: there is a button which states I need to install Xnote stopwatch, can't I hide that button, if I don't use it?


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    Well, yes, it is a beta version, but is very stable. It does have some bugs and quirks:


    The one-pixel-over error keeps switching between Region:Fixed and Region:Window between versions - one fix seems to break the other, it would seem. But compensation is simple in both cases. You know you've run into it when an MPEG-4 style codec like Xvid or DivX reports it cannot use the current compressor. Those require even-numbered width and height, with Divx further requiring a width divisible by 4.

    There is a new beta version (2.6c) that actually solves a major issue with the codecs not appearing correctly, and it switches the one-pixel-over error once again! That version requires the newer Microsoft C++ Runtime libraries from 2010 and 7zip to unzip. It has no installer, running from its own folder, so may be a candidate for portable use if the host computer has the MS C++ Runtime libraries already installed.

    See this post for the links: http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/comment/4331#Comment_4331


  • Thanks, and is the latest RTM version (2.0) compatible with Win7 32 and 64bit?

    To the other question: there is a button which states I need to install Xnote stopwatch, can't I hide that button, if I don't use it?
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    2.0 will work with Win7 - I use it to record tutorials of using 2.6! (See the 2012 tech seminar)

    Don't worry about the Xnote stopwatch - that is only for people who have that product. It was included as an extra to benefit owners of that software. You cannot hide it without re-compiling the software, as there is no preference setting built-in to hide any buttons (that I know of).

  • Thanks for the answers.
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