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Auto pan ? and unlimited record

edited October 2012 in Support
Hello all,
what mean Auto Pan ?
also I would like to record a PC for 1 week 24hours a day.
I know that it will make a big file, is there an option to auto change file name every 6 hours for example ?


  • Autopan will allow you to select a small region of your screen as the recording area, then the record region will scroll following your mouse to keep what's under your mouse visible.

    We can do the second thing using time-lapse, but not normal recording because of the 2-gigabyte file size limit imposed by the AVI-1 specification that CamStudio presently still uses.

    In the "tech seminar" video, I show how to use two instances of CamStudio, but it is not automatic, and would need you to be at the ready to cut one off and the other one on.

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