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Success Stories?

As a college instructor, I have been using SnagIt's Recording feature to create short tutorial videos for my chemistry classes. The problem is that the files are so large that even for 20 to 30-second avi files, file size is hard to keep under 20 MB! The good aspect of this is that it forces me to keep my tutorials extremely concise and occasionally results in greater clarity than if I had more time. I am compensating somewhat on the file size problem by uploading my files to Dropbox (which gives me up to 2 GB free storage), which I have linked to my Q and A learning platform, http://www.Piazza.com for my students' use. I have been recording my scribblings and diagrams using my Bamboo tablet pen as I write on Microsoft's 2010 OneNote white screen. This process works very well and gives good quality videos, but I am limited by the file size.

I saw this video online about how to use CamStudio: (jimmyr). I followed it very closely, and thought I could use it to successfully download and configure CamStudio 2b. The glitches I encountered - not finding DivX [discovering that its download was full of surprises (unexpected required pluggins)], unresponsiveness by CamStudio (I couldn't even get it to open sometimes); its jerkiness during recording (flickering of the screen, lags in production of my images, other) finally led me to uninstall it.

I'd appreciate "hearing" from others who have successfully used CamStudeo, any version, for the type of uses I have attempted.




  • There are success stories all over this forum, plus I have responded to many issues folks have had and we have solved them in most cases.

    I've not had luck with DivX AT ALL, and went to Jawor's Xvid. See my tech video for info on that, and check out the whole playlist of videos if you want to dig deeper There are also good articles (IMHO) at http://screencasttutorial.org

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    Thank you for your comprehensive video about how best to use CamStudeo 2.0, 2.6b, and 2.6c. But I have to say it was an exhausting read, periodically aggravated by your frequent use of "that's all you need to know," or "Do this and you're golden," etc, and then proceeding with unending additional details! I compensated by pausing your video to take notes, but am still not really clear on how all of it fits together.

    Now with all these details, I feel I would benefit from a retelling of the topic more clearly integrating how CamStudeo 2.0, CamStudeo 2.6c, Xvid, any-video-converter.com, and C++ Runtime 2008 (and 2010) Service Pack 1 are related. Before I begin to dig deeper, as you suggest, I'd greatly appreciate an overview, or at least a mind map showing how their functions are useful.

    I am concerned that downloading SP1 would replace or interfere with my Windows XP SP3 software, and concerned that it is a bad omen for my 7 year old pc that your software requires a properly functioning C++ Runtime program, because every time I restart my pc, I get an error message that some program has improperly accessed that program. (I'm paraphrasing about the latter not sure of the exact terms used in the error message.)

    I thought CamStudeo 2.6c was supposed to replace or supersede CamStudeo 2.0 - but I saw that they are supposed to be used together. You described Sizer, but I thought your "settings" described earlier in the video already had taken care of all that the user needs to know for recording good quality videos.

    Just as I was about to close the video, you hooked me for another minute while you described Zoomit! A neat program that I think would be useful all by itself, especially if I used it with my Bamboo tablet.
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    I have no idea what you can do then. 2010 MS C++ runtime libraries are required. Without them, you cannot use 2.6c. You likely have the 2008 version already installed, so if 2.0 or 2.6b r294 is working for you, just use that.

    Then make a freely available video showing how you set things up and upload it to YouTube. Announce it here, and I'll make it sticky at the top. That would be fantastic! (As you saw, and would see from all my other videos, I am always wordy and constantly say things like, "So, whadda-ya-know!" and "Whatever you do... don't do that." But then, I'm just a volunteer, like you will be.

  • Thank you. Because of your comments and suggestions, I ordered a $16 recovery disk from eBay for my old machine. I am hopeful that an uninstall/reinstall of my XP pc will fix my visual C++ runtime issues. I decided to resist relying on any registry cleaners, because they seem too risky.
  • Erik,

    That would be terrific! I hope that works. Still, you'd need the 2010 version to run 2.6c.

    Here are the official sources for the runtime libraries:

    2008 version (for 2.6b): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5582 (the SP 1 is Service Pack 1 and fixes a bunch of bugs.)

    2010 version (for 2.6c): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555

    Good luck and keep us posted how it goes, along with any particulars that led to your success or otherwise that might help others!


  • I have got the MS visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable on my machine. It's just sitting there not yet being used because I want to download and install CamStudio 2.6c first - which is proving quite a task! I have downloaded and installed the unfamiliar made-for-geeks 7Zip 9.20 program, which gave me an error message when I tapped on the Recorder.exe file to begin the install of Camstudeo2.6c program. (I made a screenshot of the popup overlaying the files in the file manager of 7Zip, but your message box here doesn't seem to have a way to attach it.) It said I might have better luck if I reinstalled the program! OK, so I removed 2.6c and am ready to start the install all over again. (I think I was having some interference from my very able ESET Smart Security antivirus program! So I disabled it for a few minutes.)

    Am I on the right track? Any suggestions?

  • Update 11-1-12
    I did the reinstall attempt and brought it into the 7Zip file manager where I again tried to run it for install by clicking on Recorder.exe listed in the camstudeo2.6c application folder. Again I got the error message; it said "Failed to start application because libconfig++.dil not found." Does that information reveal the solution to the problem?? What should I do now? What is this not-found file? How can I find or restore it?
  • Erik,

    It isn't an installer - it is just the program files sitting inside a folder that you can put anywhere... but clicking the recorder.exe file should have run the program for you, normally. Reinstall MS visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable and give it another go. That version is all I have used for six months now, so I know it works OK.

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