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4GB file

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hi i had a file from about 4 GB and i cant open it this file is realy importand its a .avi directly from camstudio but i cant convertor cant play the file this file is realy realy important so i hope u can help me


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    CamStudio cannot process files over 2GB due to the AVI-1 specification placing that limitation on us. A future version of CamStudio will use the AVI-2 spec, but unfortunately, we don't live in the future -- yet. That file of yours is probably unrecoverable, I am sorry to report. See the video on my playlist on using VirtualDub to try to save it, but I doubt it will work on a file twice the allowable size.

  • I hate it that u dont get a f@cking warnig zhere stands that the max file is 2 GB or that is stops automatacly god dammid this was a realy importand file

    Srr for the bad english
  • And thx for the help...
  • Believe me, I hate that limitation too. Someday we'll have the resources to re-write the entire code base and solve this problem forever.

    We really do need a warning that is very obvious somewhere. Thanks for bringing that up again. I'll put it in the description boxes for my videos, and perhaps make a sticky forum post that states that limit and any other limitations we've found.

  • itsmeagain,

    I've posted a sticky post announcing the two most serious limitations of CamStudio, and invited solutions be posted there.

    Thanks for the inspiration to get that up there! And sorry you lost that file.

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