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Big files

edited October 2012 in Announcements

Its great to get a movie of your comp... sound also,
so far Ive made 4 movies but got to say... the files are very big...
I made a 21 second movie and it came in at 10 meg !
that is very big......

I noticed the ... bit rate .... was something like 1400.... which .... sounds very big
if I could get that bit rate down I might end up with a smaller file
but .... so far .... not seen any way to cut down the bit rate .


  • Bitrate is set on your codec configuration interface panel - not in CamStudio. Using Xvid MPEG-4, 1400 is much too low for getting a decent quality video, assuming you're capturing an area of any size, for example 640 x 480 or larger. I manually set bitrate at 6400 for capture areas of 848 x 480 and am satisfied with the result. I can get about one hour of recording at that setting without going over the 2 GB file limit size.

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