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Recording Screen Size

edited October 2012 in Announcements
I'm new to camstudio, and also new to screen recording, so please pardon me if my question sounds naive.

I've tried a few test recordings with camstudio using screen size 1280x720, and I noticed that although the recording comes out clear, it doesn't appear as crisp as some I've seen in youtube.

I'm using camstudio v2.6, in windows 7, camstudio lossless codec 1.5

I have the quality to 100% in the video options, and
set key frames to 20,
capture frames every 50ms
playback rate 20 frames/sec

What am I missing something?

Also, I would like to ask, if it were possible like to record on a smaller screen like 800x600, and then make it come out as HD 720p?



  • You do not seem to be missing anything, but you'll get longer recordings using Xvid. See this and other videos in my playlist for the whole lowdown.


  • Thanks.

    Good info on the video.
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