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Black screen in CamStudio player

re CS 2.6b r294 on W7
Having a problem with CamS Viewer after following recommendations in: "2012 CamStudio 2.0 AND 2.6 b+c Tech Webinar - Win7 - Xvid - Audio - Video Settings - Etc!". The automatic viewer after recording shows a black screen although the audio plays. I can play the file with the Windows 7 player. Thoughts?
Also, how can I adjust the recording volume? Thanks!


  • Change the default player to use the "system default" in options/program options.

    Audio input volume is adjusted in the system's recording audio control panel.

    Let me know if you have trouble with it.

    The reason for the black window may be that the video width and height is not optimal for that player, but I cannot be sure about that without seeing the video. Nowadays, 1280X720 seems to be one of the best choices.

  • Hello Terry,
    Thank you for solving my problem. Is there a direct way to open the audio control panel? Currently I have to drill down in the control panel. Also what does the "Volume" button in the CS Audio Opeions for Microphone do - how do I use it? Thanks again.
  • deglinton38,

    I get to my audio control panels by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray next to the clock.

    The volume button in CamStudio's audio options does nothing in Windows Vista, 7 or 8, but opens the audio record control panel in XP. It was a convenience that no longer has much function in current versions of Windows.

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