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Repare a more-than-2h video.

edited November 2012 in Support
Hi !

(Excuse me in advance for spelling errors, I try my best but I'm French.)

I made the mistake to record a video during more than 2 hours with CamStudio.

Is there any solution making possible the entire reparation of the raw-saved video ?

I read that no, but maybe ..

I tryed Virtualdub (which allowed me to get the last five minutes of my video) but the rest still resists. I thought it was possible to manually put some things on the file source but .. is it possible ?
I precise that I don't care about the audio data which haven't even been recorded.

Thanks for your answers ! :)


  • voblivion,

    Usually it is not possible, but if you find a way, many here would be grateful to hear of your findings. Someone here said they rescued a file with MediaCoder, but I've not tried that program for that use as of yet.

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