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does camstudio run with secondary monitor/cintiq 21 ?

edited December 2012 in CamStudio 2.6 Beta Support
I have problems with camstudio: it run on main monitor but doesn't run with the secondary monitor witch is a cintiq 21. Someone know this ?


  • Will it work if you switch which monitor is the primary display? (You may have to do this in the BIOS setup). 2.6b and c have the ability to capture both windows, but it sounds like you only need the Cintiq.

  • Hello Terry,
    I can't change parameters, cintiq won't be usable after this.
  • This is more of a question than an answer, but this is from the Cintiq site.

    “....you can in the Windows and MAC environments, however it is recommended if using more than 2 displays please make sure that the video card can support the number of displays and that the Cintiq is set to the primary display.”

    Assuming there’s no problem with your card, and that the tablet is indeed functioning as the primary as recommended, the implication would be that Cam can’t see it, but that also assumes that there is no other lack of communication between your card’s function and Cam itself, over and above any problems directly related to Cintiq.

    Has anyone here had any success at all using Cam with one of these things?

  • Ken,

    Well, I was under the impression that you were using the Cintiq as the secondary monitor. (That is the one the desktop icons and taskbar default to be on, and where the start-up screen appears.)

    CamStudio doesn't really care what monitor is plugged in, to my knowledge. It only reads the video card. So, I wonder what is going on here? And which version of CamStudio are you using? I ask because I wonder if the "All windows" region setting works (available on 2.6b and c).

  • Terry: I’m not the one using it, and in fact I didn’t know anything about it until I researched it on the manufacturer’s site after reading the post.

    Let’s see now, we’re talking about a two-way street here in terms of data flow. My guess is that Cam is not “seeing” the information which is being inputted, and that may be the same issue involved with programs like Photoshop and the like. The implication is that it’s a software issue entirely, and since there’s no choice in how this particular piece of hardware works anyway, the only hope is pretty much that there’s some possible solution involving the graphics, but I doubt it.

  • Ken,

    Heck, I didn't see it was you posting there!

    The Cintiq is a unique device, where the screen is also a pen-activated controller. So, without one to play with, I would have to just guess at things. However, anyone who wants to get me one as a nice little gift is welcome to do so (thanks in advance!) :-)

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