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Audio - turns to static after 20 seconds of play

edited January 2013 in Support
Hey there - I'm a new CamStudio user. In fact, I'm new to the world of screen recording. I'm also NOT a techie geek. So, if you respond, please keep the lingo in English!!! :)
Here's my problem. When first recording my screen, I used my laptop speakers to pick up my voice. I sounded like I was in a tunnel. Even tho there wasn't any background noise. So, I quickly purchased a microphone from Amazon. It came, I plugged it in, and recorded once again. The first 20 seconds of my recording was awesome, and I was thrilled. But then the audio filled with static. Even after I sent the video to Windows Movie Maker, the audio was filled with static at the 20 second mark. I thought maybe there was a fix.
So, I downloaded a different screen recording software, thinking maybe it was a glitch in CamStudio. did it in that software also.
I'm coming back here with my question, as I really like the ease of use in CS, and would prefer for this software to work.
Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is it simply the microphone I purchased?


  • I've never heard of such a thing! Why 20 seconds good??? Hmmmm....

    What mic is it? Could it be some kind of power-saving settings? Look in the device manage to make sure "Allow Windows to shut off this device to save power" is unchecked, perhaps.

  • That didn't work. The mic is a VOIP mic that I purchased from Amazon. I think I'll send it back and order something else. Is there a mic for my laptop that anyone can recommend? Keep in mind - I don't want to spend a ton of $ - this is just for a couple of quick tutorials I'm putting together. I'll likely order from Amazon - we live in the boonies, and it's the quickest way to get anything!
  • I use several types of mic, but my headset is a Logitech HD555 (an oldie but goodie) with a USB interface.

  • I returned my mic, purchased a Logitech headset. Thought I was safe...first minute was great....then insert annoying static overlay. Tried it again for good measure. Second time annoying static starts at 10 seconds. Could it possibly be the connection? The jack - a 3.5mm jack seems to fit snug and go in completely. I'm getting super frustrated.
  • I cannot imagine a USB connector being the cause of static - return that headset and get a USB one instead - or at least a USB microphone. That is purely digital, so no hums or other noise as another benefit.

  • I'll try that Terry - Thanks!
    I do notice when I connect the 3.5mm jack into the computer that it makes a crackle noise, so I'll bet that is the cause. I'll get there one of these days - just a bit frustrating, as I really need to be creating these video for my biz.
  • There’s another possibility, considering that this is a laptop, and the noise problem appears after a period of time. It may be caused by a power consumption issue which is causing the charger to kick in and cause interference to the audio. This has been known to happen and apparently gets worse as the battery begins to fail.

  • I just rec'd a USB adapter for my mic and that seemed to fix my problem. I did a test recording and it was perfectly clear for more than a minute.
    Ken - my laptop has always been plugged into power when I've recorded.
  • I had assumed that it was plugged in, which would be the cause of the power issue. Otherwise it would just go dead. The fact that the USB mic works better supports the theory, as this is often offered up as a cure for the problem.

  • Ken,

    I had that exact thing happen to me. Removing the battery completely and staying plugged in made the problem go away, but I didn't know why until you pointed that out. Thanks for clearing up that mystery!

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