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Using Software

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Once I close the software window & try to re-open it, it doesn't open. Please help


  • You may be closing only the "flashing" window, not the program (so it is still running!) Close it from the tray icon next to the clock in the lower-right corner of most Windows installations. Let me know if that was it!

  • Thanks Terry. One more concern.. I have installed camstudio on my Asus notebook, Win 7 Starter, 32-bit. Previously I was getting error MSVC100.dll file missing when I clicked on Camstudio icon. I downloaded the dll file & now it gives the error : "Procedure entry point.??1 critical_section@Concurrency@@QAE@XZ cud not be located in MSVCR100.dll." Please help as I have some urgent work on camstudio.
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    If you are using the latest 2.7 version, you should not have needed anything to be added, as it uses the 2010 MS C++ Runtime Libraries that Win7 should already have in there.


    Version 2.0 needs the older 2008 libraries to work.


    Camstudio uses these 32-bit versions

  • I created video using camstudio & after saving, it played okey. Now if I attempt to play it in VLC or Win Media Player or any other player by double clicking on it, the video appears colorful or slant or
  • That sounds like you used Microsoft Video One as your codec. Try Xvid or X.264, perhaps. MS Video One can be cranky depending upon the width and height you select.
  • I want to highlight the background of the manually created shapes, but the background color option is greyed out.. Please help..

  • Not all of the shapes have that option. Try "Flat Text" or any shape except "Plain".
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