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Vertical Auto-pan at full width [ Feature Request ]

edited February 2013 in Support

So, here's the issue. My desktop resolution is set to 1280x960 (4:3 ratio), but I'd like to capture in 720p (1280x720) while keeping my desktop resolution in tact. Currently, the auto-pan feature won't pan the capture window on the y axis when the Fixed Region width is set to the full width of the desktop resolution, in my case 1280 pixels. If there's a solution to this and I'm doing it wrong, please let me know.

I've always had to resort to a workaround to get this to work, but it seems like such a small detail that it'd be nice if it simply worked out of the box, without having to make special modifications.

The workaround is this: I set the Width to 2 pixels less than the full width of the desktop resolution, so 1278 (dimensions need to be even numbers to keep the codecs happy). This means that there's a 2px wiggle room for the capture window, which is enough to trick auto-pan into moving the capture window with the cursor. Also, I end up with a 1278x720 sized video, which is not ideal, but easily fixed (either by creating a 720p sequence in Premiere, or letterboxing the video in Vdub).

Thanks. Keep up the good work (it's really good!)


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