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CamStudioIM Won't Open

edited March 2013 in Support
I have installed the program twice and all it does, when I click on the icon on my desktop (I tried going through START | CamStudioIM, too) is open up my MY DOCUMENTS folder.

When I installed it, I first double clicked on the camcodec.inf file and a tiny window popped up for a milisecond and was gone. Then, I clicked on Install_CamStudioIM and it appeared to install, telling me it was finished.

I have Windows 7. I'm not sure what other info to add. Any help for this odd problem would be much appreciated.


  • edited March 2013
    I do not know what CamStudioIM even is.

    Anyway, you're clicking the codec installer in the second case.

    ONLY use the versions you get from our Sourceforge site to be safe.


    You'll need this installed also if it is not already on your computer to run 2.7:


    (You need this version even if you own a 64-bit machine, as CamStudio is 32-bit software.)

  • Thank you very much Terry. I got the CamStudioIM as a free gift for subscribing to a mailing list. They said the difference in the IM version was that you have the option to direct the person watching the video to a URL when it's over.

    Thanks again!
  • Ahhh, yes, I remember that old version! Based upon 2.5, I think. I'd stick with the official version(s) unless you really need that feature in SWF files.

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