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version 2.7 work only in comparability mode

edited March 2013 in Announcements
I've just installed v2.7 on a windows 7 64 bit machine, and it seems to work only in compatibility mode.
in "normal" mode when I start the app i see the process running bu no ui.


  • Are you certain it is not an old copy of the process? Sometimes folks try to shut down CamStudio from right-clicking the taskbar item during recording, and it leaves the "Flashing Window" process running erratically and the CamStudio Recorder process in there also. Try a machine restart and try again - it has been running without needing to be in compatibility mode for everyone so far. (As I do on the same kind of machine...)

  • found the problem!
    it was not a compatibility issue.
    i had to configure CamStudio to use to run with the "High-performance NVIDIA" graphic processor, instead of the default integrated one.
  • Ah - no kidding? That is interesting - I wonder if we can program the installer to look for that situation. How did you configure CamStudio to run with that GPU?

  • -> open NVIDIA control panel, also from right click on Recorder.exe -> "run with graphic processor..."
    -> Manage 3D settings
    -> under "Program settings" tab
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