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Using x264VFW captures in Vegas Pro

edited April 2013 in General Discussion
Worked through the various issues and am now able to do captures with x264 that are editable in Vegas.

It turns out that the issue identified in this thread was correct: http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/comment/5189#Comment_5189

Vegas can't decode x264 in an AVI wrapper. But, it does just fine with x264 in an MP4 wrapper.

f you go into the x264vfw configuration, specify Output | Output Mode | File. I set VFW FourCC at x264, but this may not be needed outside of AVI.

Then, in the Output section, specify a path and filename.mp4.

Capture with your favorite settings. When you stop the recording, CamStudio will prompt for an AVI filename. This file is created, but isn't playable. Look for your mp4; it worked well for me in Vegas Pro 10. Note that any more caps are likely to overwrite your first cap - rename it, or spec a new filename.




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