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CamStudio has very slow pointer........

I use W7(64bit), and when I run CamStudio, everything is fine until I decide to hit the record button. After I hit the record button, and try to select my screen, the point gets very glitchy and slows down, can anyone help me on this.


  • You probably are trying to record full-screen on a large monitor at high capture/playback rates and are experiencing a system slow-down due to the GOBS of pixels being captured and the strain that puts on your system's resources. There is no need to record full-screen at full-resolution for recording - you can lower your screen resolution or get your content into a smaller window.

    Best to use Fixed Region to get control over the pixels captured.

    These are the best sizes for most computers:

    854X480 (some codecs prefer 856X480)
    1280X720 (best bet on most systems to produce an HD recording)
    1920X1080 (so-called 1080p "Full" HD)

    All of these work very well with YouTube and are their recommended settings.

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