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Record website's video and audio in ONE avi file - not possible?

edited May 2009 in Announcements
I tried endlessly to record the sound (of eg a youtube page) together with the video in ONE synchronised avi file.
I am not a geek and failed continuously to get it to work.
What is the trick?

Anyone any knowledge of this?


  • If you want to save a video from Youtube, I think you're better off using a service like http://keepvid.com/, which saves the original FLV-file to your harddrive.
  • Thank you Torbjorn. :-)
    Yes and no. Saving a nice youtube video with sound - yeah, that would be great.
    However i also wanted to be able to actually CAPTURE the screen plus the audio from ANY website or other source.
    Technically that must be easy software because
    a) there's loads of sw that can save whatever the screen's displaying (like Camstudio), and
    b) there's sufficient sw that can save whatever sound is being transferred to your soundcard (like Soundtap).

    However, i am not even sure if Camstudio is MEANT to record the sound with the screen content (video)?
    Because under "Options" it has:
    - "Do not record audio"
    - "Record audio from microphone"
    - "Record audio from speakers".

    While i want it to record audio directly from what the soundcard is playing (like "Soundtap" recorder does).
    But synchronically with the video content please. :-)

    Any clue for Camstudio or if not for other?
  • Hi David

    Yes CamStudio *can* save all audio being played through the soundcard using the "Record Audio From Speakers" option, but not all soundcards support the feature and generate a "WaveoutGetSelectControl" error message.

    You could try recording all playing audio by changing your input audio to Stereo/Mono Mix/What-U-Hear.

    In XP, double-click the speaker icon in the system tray and select Advanced > Properties > Recording

    If there's a Stereo Mix, Mono Mix or What-U-Hear option in the list, tick the checkbox and then make it the active audio input by selecting the checkbox underneath the fader.

    If you're using Vista, here's a tutorial I found explaining how you might be able to record audio from speakers on Vista:


    It's centered around RealTek sound cards but the idea should be able to be used with other soundcards.

    Other than that, I don't know another way.



    Nick :o)
  • Thanks Nick. Yes, i have XP. And i have the Realtek as well as Soundblaster (the latter only when i plug it in ;-)
    However, i do not have under Recording the Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, and What U Hear options :-(
    For Soundblaster, Recording, for example i can only chose Volume Controls, which are SPDIFin, MICin, Linein, and Wave/Midi/CDin.
    Apart from this, "Record audio from speakers", i am not sure if that would record the optimum (exact) quality sound as going through the soundcard/ being played, or whether it would record via the mic what the speakers are playing?
  • Hi David

    Hmm ... are you using Windows' built-in drivers for your soundcards or did you install drivers from a CD that came with the motherboard or separate soundcard?


    Nick :o)
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