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Newbie to CamStudio

Hi All,

I'm new to CamStudio. I've never used any kind of a screen recording program. I would like to capture the steps I take to perform certain tasks in other software so I can help others, who can't afford classes, to learn how to use their software.

Where would you suggest I start in learning CamStudio?

Are there online video or animated tutorials which help newbies learn at least the basics of CamStudio?

I'm not a great learner from books, FAQs, knowledge bases - I'm more visually oriented which is why I'm drawn to CamStudio.

Thank you very much.


  • Hi and welcome!

    Start with the tutorials I've put together at http://youtube.com/tbritton33. Particularly the one titled "CamStudio 2.7 How-To Tutorial" and perhaps the one on recording system sounds and mic on Windows 7.

    What operating system are you using?

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