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Saving as .WMV?

edited July 2013 in Support
Is it possible to save as .wmv? I installed ffdshow-tryouts and was still unable to save as a compressed WMV file format which is needed for storage. If not would it be possible to implement this feature? It would be very helpful!

FSCapture currently records as .wmv by default.



  • You can’t save as a .wmv, and in fact you really can’t save anything in any container other than AVI. You could theoretically use wmv to compress - this would usually end up with a WMV3 codec, or something similar. The problem is that this wouldn’t really save any file size, and the product would probably be something of a nightmare to process in just about any video editor. Probably better to capture using Xvid MPEG-4 or x264 and do any desired conversion later.

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