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Fresh install of Windows and new HDD but worse capture performance

edited August 2013 in General Discussion
Hi, i've had to replace my HDD and do a new install of Windows, i've restored all the same settings and I'm having the same problem I had before which I posted about here:


When I screen capture my DJ software it keeps slowing down. My fix last time was writing the capture to a different partition to what the DJ software was writing the audio recording too and a household fan aimed at the back of my laptop. That isn't helping this time and the problems worse, it slows down every few minutes. It's frustrating because i got it working fine until my laptop decided not to load past the welcome screen 1 day!

Does anybody have any idea what could be the problem? Thanks


  • Found out the problem after changing every setting in Windows, I just hadn't changed the x264 preset to ultrafast! Doh.
  • Now we all know! Thanks for sharing your fix, even if it was a Doh! moment. :-)
    (Of course, I've never had one of those...)

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