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File Creation Error. Unable to rename/copy audio file.

edited September 2013 in Support
I have created several videos but now suddenly encounter the above message upon ending (F9) the creation of my videos. Can anyone help?


  • I just uninstalled CamStudio and re-installed only to encounter the same proble.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Usually that comes about from the file being too large. Can you tell how big the file size became? What compression are you using?

    If you know what folder the temp files are being created in, look in there to see if there are some date-stamp named items and see how big they are for me.

    Have you run some very short tests to see if they finish? If even short ones aren't saving, then you might be attempting to save to your Program Files/Camstudio folder which you system security suddenly is not allowing you to write into. Under Options/Program Options/Name of AVI File change the setting to "Ask for Filename" and save the video explicitly into your My Videos folder, or a folder you make inside of that folder.

    Let me know what you find out!

  • Also, see this post I just made to give yourself some protection against crashes.

  • Also see this post on using FFMPEG rather then VirtualDub to rescue files:

  • Terry,

    I feel like such a "bonehead", it turns out my problem was realted to me running out of space on my hard drive. I had created too many videos of excessive length that finally ate up all my hard drive space.

    Thank you for your support,
  • David,

    Heh... don't feel too lonely - I've done that very thing myself! :-)

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