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Hot Tip for Crash Recovery - Use a "Failsafe" Directory

edited September 2013 in Announcements
So that you can recover in the event of a crash, I advise everyone follow these steps for every video they make:

1) In your My Videos folder, create a folder called "CamStudio Recordings"

2) In your My Videos folder, create a second folder called "CamStudio Temp Files"

3) Inside the "CamStudio Temp Files" folder, create a folder called "Failsafe"

4) In Options/Program Options/Name of Avi File change it to "Ask for Filename"

5) In Options/Program Options/Directory for Recording select "Use user specified directory..." and navigate to select the
"CamStudio Temp Files" folder for that.

6) When you finish a recording (hit stop or F9), a window will come up now asking you where you want to save the recording. Navigate to your "CamStudio Recordings" folder, but do not click "Save" yet.

7) Open up your "CamStudio Temp Files" folder separately and drag with your right mouse button the two temp files with the same date stamp onto the "Failsafe" folder and select "Copy". Alternately, select the two temp files, right click and select "Copy", then open the "Failsafe" folder and right-click to choose "Paste" to put a copy in there.

8) Now you can click the "Save" button on the save dialog in CamStudio.

Now if you crash, rather than have the two temp files disappear on you so you cannot recover using VirtualDub or some other means, you have the backups in the "Failsafe" folder.

9) If the file saves just fine, now go into your "Failsafe" folder and delete the two copied temp files, as you no longer will need them.

That's playing it safe and only takes an extra minute to copy the temp files to cover yourself.

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