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Xvid records Dual Monitors - 3 hours only 530 MBs!!!

edited September 2013 in Announcements
I was working with Chris at YouTube who was trying to get a dual-display to record at least 3 hours with a region of 3358 pixels wide total and 1048 pixels high, though admittedly recording without audio. Here is his report:

"Okay - So just to update you - I recorded on dual screens almost three hours (2 hours 55 minutes and 55 seconds) and the file size was around 530MBs (535, 501 KBs), which is wicked sweet.
The settings I used were the Xvid HD 720, Single Pass, Quality was 4, B-VOP was off, Set Keyfames - 200, Capture Frames every 100 milliseconds, playback rate was 10 frames/second."

The secret in getting it to work was to NOT use the fullscreen setting, but instead to use the Fixed Region setting, hitting the "Select" button in there to drag-out a region spanning both monitors. The numbers from that were 3359 pixels wide total (spanning both monitors) and 1049 pixels high, so to keep the width and height even-numbers for Xvid he subtracted 1 from each to make the region 3358 pixels wide total and 1048 pixels high.

There was a problem with getting VLC to playback a video this wide (black playback), but Windows Media Player did just fine with it. It also uploaded to YouTube fine, who deemed it worthy of 1080p HD as well as offering it up in "Original Size" - something I'd never seen before!

I'm sure turning off the B-VOP in Xvid helped some (Thanks Ken!) - but there you have it!

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