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Files being written to 'ghost' directory, and not one specifed!

edited October 2013 in Support
Hi folks, bare with me, may be confusing. I wrote about this several years ago, and then actually found the fix, now forgotten.

I had to change some path settings recently, and left the naming scheme to yy/mm/dd. However, the path settings for my files are not where they are to be written now (c:\camstudio). I have searched relentlessly, even via DOS, to track down these files, numerous sub-dirs, dates, hidden files, etc.., temp files, etc.. Any ideas? I just can't remember the solution previously. No temp sub-directories are holding these...ugh..nothing I can find, though I do know they MUST be there. Everyone's o/s, directory structure, PC, etc.. is different, but I do remember someone seeing the directory being written to while the files were being compressed.

Terry, do you have any old correspondence from about 2 years ago still, under name Morgandy, where I posted the fix I found?

Note, I quickly changed my default directory back to c:\camstudio, and am again naming the files when they are written.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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