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need a set up whereby I can make A/V recordings internally on my pc

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I'm an educator and not at all computer savvy.
What I need is something whereby I can make A/V recordings on my pc for playback.
I however do not want to use an outside source that could infringe on my privacy.
I need a set up whereby I can make A/V recordings internally on my pc for playback at a later time.
I say 'internally' because I do not want to use camtasia or gotomeeting etc... to make my recordings as those are
not private. I do not want any of the information I am recording to be accessible or otherwise vulnerable to
hacking or pirating or sharing by anyone that I do not authorize. in other words complete privacy.
Any ideas as to what sort of options I have?

Best Regards,

Jeff L.


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    Camtasia is private. What do you mean by "private"?

    Camtasia simply records audio and video to your computer, and includes some editing tools. CamStudio does the same but does not have the editing tools (but CamStudio is free, and Camtasia costs $300).

    GoToMeeting is an online meeting program. It can make recordings of the meeting that are saved to your computer.

    Sometimes a little information is a dangerous thing (as you should know as an educator - I'm a former college professor myself.) You are wise to be cautious. But get your facts straight or you'll be running paranoid and be afraid to do anything at all on your computer.

    CamStudio makes private videos. You have to upload them manually to anywhere you want them to appear for sharing. All programs I know of do that pretty much.


    P.S. - Watch this entire video or you'll have non-computer-savvy problems galore trying to fathom CamStudio:

  • Thank you Terry.
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