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v2.7.2r326: Recording Full Screen and using Keyboard Shortcuts causes a 0 and 1 dialog to show.

edited November 2013 in Support

I am trying to do a Full Screen recording and when I press the keyboard shortcut to start and stop the recording I get this dialog box with a "0" or a "1" in it and an OK button. Problem is, I have to click the OK button for the operation to take effect (which kinda defeats the whole purpose). So, when I go to stop it, it records that dialog box until I click OK. Is there some way to set CamStudio to not show these dialogs, especially the one that appears when stopping the recording? It almost seems like debug code that was left in.

I am using v2.7.2 r326.

Mark H.


  • That update will be live this week, I believe. It was an oversight after testing that the test windows weren't commented-out.

    You can revert to an older version for the time being with no problems (2.7)


  • Kind of what I thought. I already have that installer. This version was replacing that one.

    Mark H.
  • I had the same problem so I downloaded from the link above. However, when I started installing it, it wants to install in Program FIles(x86)\CamStudio 2.7 folder. The one I had installed was under the Program Files folder which I believe means it was a 64 bit version. Should I have BOTH installed?
  • Yes, that is a bit confusing, eh? There is no 64-bit version of CamStudio. It is a 32-bit program. (So, only use 32-bit codecs with it also!)

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