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Mouse scroll green mark

edited December 2013 in General Discussion
I use CamStudio 2.7 (tested on 316 and 326), Windows 7 and MPEG4 codec.
How can I remove the green mouse scroll mark visible on this video ?

Preferably I would like to turn this effect off, but I don't know where to do that :(

Sometimes after I scroll and this effect is recorded the rest of the video is blurred and all the colours are gray.... I coudn't catch that bug now, but it happens from time to time

In CamStudio 2.6 there was no such effect (but other things didn't work. That's why I moved to 2.7)


  • I hadn't noticed the animation before!

    It is under Options/Cursor Options - just un-check the "Highlight Cursor" option.

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