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x264vfw Codec and render-settings guide

I found this great youtube video on x264vfw before applying these settings it wouldn't work... After using these exact settings codec works great looks great and will ama directly into my Avid editing system YEAH!!!!!


  • Super! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Terry; Here are a few observations in answer to the question you asked in the other thread:

    1. Does changing the output FourCC (from h264 to x264) improve the chances of getting Vegas or Premier Pro to open a Cam-produced AVI ? I don’t know the answer to that, but I would have my doubts, and other than through a second step conversion (from AVI), we would seem to be producing about the same thing as we do using the h264 default setting. At any rate, either choice seems to work fine with CamStudio.

    2. Moving the CRF quality setting from its default 23.0 seems like an idea which ought to be tried, but I think that’s just a trial and error thing.

    3. Obviously, we would need to do much experimentation before using the extra command line box. My guess is that this can lead to conflict between the encoder’s performance and Cam’s function.

    4. We need to stay with “Capture Frames Every” and “Playback Rate” settings to those which Cam can deal with, unless the material produced is to be modified in an editor later. This video doesn’t do that.

    5. I tried doing a capture with the “Fast Decode” and “Zero Latency” boxes checked. There’s no difference that I can see, but I’ll need to test more thoroughly.

    Bottom line is file size and quality, and we seem to be seeing rather large files here. My acceptable target has always been recording time of at least 1 hour with very good quality, and a more or less “set it and forget it” approach with the encoder, but it should be remembered that we’re talking about settings as they apply specifically to use with CamStudio, and other programs may require a change to those settings.

  • This post made a HUGE difference for me. I have been using x264 but it caused an extra step where playback in PowerDirector was at about 5 times speed. My fix was reprocess every recording in VirtualDub but that just ate up time. With these changes everything is working superb. Thanks for the link to the video tutorial.
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