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So, because of a few key polling bugs in CamStudio 2.7.2, I decided to revert back to 2.6b. The setup was from sourceforge, so I'm confused on why this was happening. I installed 2.6b, and had to log out, then back in for an unrelated reason. When I logged back on, I had this minimized, unopenable window called "eRecoveryAgent." After googling around, I found out that eRecoveryAgent is some Acer backup kind of program. Except that I'm not on an Acer. I'm wondering whether or not this is related to CamStudio, which is why I'm posting this. I also searched around this forum, but I still found nothing. So, is this related, or just the weirdest and creepiest coincidence ever?



  • We were hacked last week, so maybe it is related to that. But it may have been installed when you got 2.7.2 if you used that advert-supported installer. Do a virus scan on anything you've downloaded recently to see if there is something rogue going on!

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    Well, I got 2.6b from Sourceforge, so I guess it was unlikely that it came from there, but I'll run a few (more) scans to check. Thanks.
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