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CamStudio requirments to Run on Windows 7


I was wondering what *both* the minimum *and* recommended requirements are for running CamStudio on a PC running Windows 7?

Graphic requirements:
Hard drive space:



  • If you can run Windows 7 at all, you have more than the minimum requirements for using CamStudio to record videos up to 1280x720 (720p HD).

    If you want to record 1080p (1920x1080) you will need a powerful machine. I recommend a quad-core at 2.7mHz minimum and 4 gigs of RAM.
  • I downloaded and installed CamStudio 2.7.2 on a laptop running Windows 7 Pro with hope it might work on that PC.

    I downloaded and installed the 2010 version of
    The Microsoft C++ runtime libraries…http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328

    But, when I open CamStudio either as a regular user or as a password protected Administrator it still only opens to a small box with the square normally used to enlarge a screen all grayed out.

    Is there another file which needs to be downloaded to view CamStudio in full screen?


  • CamStudio does not open full screen and never has. However, that does not mean it cannot record full screen.

  • It records a video of the onscreen activity but it cuts off the top where the toolbar to a program is located.

    The Fixed Region is set to Width 1080 and Height 600 (the laptop adjust to that even though I've typed in higher numbers.

    The Fixed Top Left Corner is check-marked and set to 200 left and 200 top.

    Is there anything else that can be changed to ensure the inclusion the toolbar of a program when recoding the steps to use that program?

    This is in Windows 7 Pro.

    Thank you.
  • Uncheck the top/left - it is forcing the recording down by 200 pixels and over to the right by 200 pixels. It is also forcing the maximums to be 200 pixels less than the size of your monitor.

    What is the resolution of your monitor?
  • I unchecked the Fixed Top-Left Corner under Fixed Region but it cuts off approx, 1-1.5 inches on the left of the screen and right. Screen resolution is 1280 x 800.

    So, If you were showing someone how to use a program the first tab (e.g. MS Word - File tab would be cut off.

    Any further adjustments which might capture more of the left part of the screen?


  • Check the box, then, and set top to zero and left to zero and see if that fixes it. You might also try some negative numbers if it will take them.

  • Terry,

    That adjustment worked out quite well. Thank you!

    Is there any setting in CamStudio to slow down the mouse motion?

    Teaching kids and older people it's necessary sometimes to be very deliberate so theirs eyes and focus can catch up with movements (ex. like clicking on a tab in a program) so I wondered if I can slow down the movements (or movement appearance) so their eyes/focus can catch-up?

    Thanks so much for all your kind help.
  • The mouse motion is controlled via the mouse control panel in Windows. I agree, it is best to slow that down!

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