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Virus alert malsign.Generic.550

edited April 2014 in Support

I am a Cam studio user, I had it on my XP , I upgraded to Windows 7 today, everytime I try to download Camstudio, AVG picks up malsign.Generic.550. So I have to delete it.

Hope all is ok


  • That’s AVG’s way of saying it’s detected adware, almost always a toolbar. Ironically, AVG itself has a toolbar, so sometimes it winds up detecting its own. Often it will detect the presence of a toolbar option before the user has a chance to decline it, which is a problem. One could try to download a legacy Cam version, such as the 2.0 .exe version. If AVG detects a problem, it’s probably safe to assume it’s a false positive.

  • Ok, thanks , I never have the tool bar , But I agree with what you are saying.
    My initial concern was alerting you , but you have everything in hand.

    thanks again.
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