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Keyboard shortcuts-Strange behaviour

edited April 2014 in General Discussion
Version 2.7 Win XP, WIn 7 32 bit and Win 8 64 bit : when I use the keyboard shortcuts to record and stop a recording (F8, F9), a small pop up windows appears
with either a 0 or 1 prompting me to click ok to execute the record or stop operation. This is definitely undesirable
when it pops up in the recording screen.

This does not occur with the original version 2.0. I have screenshots, but I don't see where I can post them.


  • Yes, a test window was left behind while fixing CamStudio's keyboard polling so as not to interfere with Minecraft for game recording enthusiasts. Unfortunately, that pleasant favor broke the keyboard shortcuts for the rest of us!

    If you do not care about recording Minecraft, the version at Sourceforge still works great. Here is the link to that.


  • Any plans to fix that on the next release ?
  • Yes, the plans are to have the fix that was never completed finished. This version would have worked but the programmer left his test windows active, and for some reason this was released with that error and the issue has never been attended to. I have no idea when the next version is planned, so I recommend using http://obsproject.com to record and even stream with that game.

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