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Is their a AutoPan hotkey in Camstudio!?

edited May 2014 in Common Tips & Tricks
Hello, i really like this program, and i can think of many ways to use it to make tutorials.
But one i really miss is the hotkey to pan the screen that is being captured so that i can hover over screen to show what i am doing.
I really felt this was missing. Is their a chance it will be updated in the next version.
Or is their a way to auto pan the captured screen whenever i want.


  • No hot-key for it. You either have auto-pan turned on all the time (from the Options menu) or you have it off.

    I use Zoomit from SysInternals at Microsoft to zoom in and pan around. That is controlled by an assignable hot-key. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897434.aspx

  • I use ZoomIt and use it quite often when i make tutorials. It just zooms the screen, that not what i want.
    But i was hoping Camstudio would comeup with anautopan feature or if their is a trick to it.
    Anyway thank you, but it would be great though.
  • Why isn't the regular autopan built-into CamStudio adequate?

    (From Options menu)

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