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How to create Text overlays in CamStudio directly?

edited May 2014 in General Discussion
I found some functions in the menus which make me believe that I display prepared texts during the recordings on my screen.
Is there a documentation or tutorial screencast, how to use them?

Kind regards



  • Here is the only documentation existing for that feature that I know of:


  • Hi Terry,
    that's great - thanks a lot.
    Especially the link to the help page is very helpful, as I was already searching for docs, but did not find them! I just found the pdf which was part of the installation.

    I think you should mention the help page http://camstudio.org/help/help.htm directly on the camstudio.org homepage and in the FAQ or did I overlook something?

    Kind regards

  • Heh... you are entirely correct that the link is needed!

    Unfortunately, I don't edit that page.

    I will make a sticky post about that help file being available, though! :-)

  • ElWood,

    There - that's done! :-)

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