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Serious malware infection from Camstudio installer

edited June 2014 in Support
Today I received a detailed malware report associated with the "adware" which accompanied the new Camstudio installer.

I've never been a fan of these adware packages, mainly because the people who run them depend for their livelihood on deception, and that makes them inherently untrustworthy. Anyone who relies on dishonesty to make a sale can never be trusted to tell the truth.

However when the software in question triggers not only my antivirus software, but also alarms from our security gateway, that's far beyond adware.

There's no question about the cause of this alert, I've got detailed logs, and it's 100% certain that the Camstudio installer installed malware on one of my computers.

I'm deeply disturbed and disappointed that it's come to this. This can only damage the reputation of this project and everyone involved.


  • Please send copies of those logs to forumapplication@camstudio.org and I'll forward them to Nick, the project manager. He will show them to the company providing us with the installer.

    This installer is now being used by many at Sourceforge as well. I seriously doubt these malware reports are anything other than false positives from heuristics(-leaning pattern matching software that makes a "guess" but does not match actual known virus and malware patterns - most "generic" and "PUP" finds are of this kind...)

    However, we WERE attacked and taken over once recently, so I'm always VERY VERY interested to hear any reports at all.

  • Has this been fixed? Because i just tried to download CamStudio on my new desktop and my antivirus blocked and removed it as well, The virus was a type of "IDP Program" according to AVG. I've loved working with this software and want to continue, but obviously i cant if my anti-virus wont allow it. And with due respect, I'm not disabling my anti-virus on anyone's say so. So whatever the developer's convictions are about "false positives" etc, until they figure out a way to make it stop, folks wont download. I certainly wont.
  • simonfile,

    The installer itself, being an advert-based installer, is marked by AVG as a malware (not a virus, though...). You can get the previous version of CamStudio (which in my opinion is better than the current) at Sourceforge not having that advert-based installer.

    2.7.3 r316 - http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/stable/CamStudio_2.7_r316_setup.exe/download
    Needs 2010 Microsoft C++ runtime libraries http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328

    2.0 (original - needs 2008 Microsoft C++ runtime libraries) http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/legacy/Camstudio2-0.exe/download

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