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Bugs with recording Minecraft

Hey guys!

I'm a big Minecraft fan, and I enjoy recording it. However, I attempted to record it today with CamStudio, and... it didn't go so well. At some points, whenever I pressed a button, it would act as if I was holding it down (very annoying) and froze at some points. Otherwise, it was fine during recording, but the playback was very slow and often froze. Is CamStudio not made for recording Minecraft, or is it something else?

Thanks in advance,



  • edited October 2014
    Sorry, but truly, CamStudio is not at all the best choice for game recording of Minecraft. Try http://obsproject.com

    Here is a playlist of videos to get you started right recording with OBS.

    The latest version attempted to fix the problem with the hot keys, and ended up making matters worse! So, I would have to say that, at the moment with recent versions, CamStudio is definitely not made for recording Minecraft.

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