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Corrupted CamStudio by accidently closing CS as it was saving file

edited November 2014 in Support
I love CamStudio and have used it constantly for the past 7 months. Today I was saving a 30 min capture (about 450Mb and right before it finished saving I accidentally closed CS. I got into a situation where I couldn't exit/close the error screens and had to use task manager to close the error and CS processes. After rebooting my PC, CS will run but it runs a bit differently than before (no xvid status screen) but more importantly the videos it produces will not play. I get a "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file". I want to fix this ASAP, will I need to uninstall then reinstall? Or maybe I can fix some other way?


  • I solved the problem. Apparently what happened is CS lost all the settings I had configured for initial recording. After I went back in and reselected Xvid as my encoder it solved my problem...thank God!!!
    This taught me to write down all my initial CS and Windows settings so I won't forget later. I also re-watched Terry's getting started video and took notes. Luckily I can record audio through my speakers but had to download a driver for my audio system to do so and don't ever want to loose these system settings. I am so grateful for this software, it's one of the most useful applications I own and will gladly send in a donation. Thanks so much!!!
  • Tim,

    Yes, definitely write stuff down! :-)

    Most settings should remember themselves, though, except the audio source, which has to be set manually each time if it is not the default audio.
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