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Error in vscap MFC Application

every time i get into the video options, i get this error:
"An error occur in vscap MFC Application. The Application will be closed."
i also found out that if i reset the pc and then try to go in the video option, i can without errors, but if i retry, i get the error again. So i think it could be something that gets load in memory and that doesn't unload.


  • Hi Sal

    Can you delete/rename the INI files and let CamStudio recreate them from scratch?

    Do the errors still occur?


    Nick :o)
  • ok, i tried what yuo said, but i get the same error and also, the ini files dont get recreated (think this is because the application shuts down by the error).
    nick, does it work for you on win xp pro sp2 (fully updated) ?
  • SalSal
    edited October 2010
    i got it!!!!!
    it was a codec problem.
    i had the k-lite codec full package on so i uninstalled it.
    i installed then the k-lite codec basic package and it worked!
  • Hi Sal

    Cool, thanks for letting us know ...


    Nick :o)
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