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CamStudio dies on mouseover

edited January 2015 in Support
I hit record and place the fixed region (divisible by 2 - in fact, just the default 320x240) on the screen. CamStudio immediately reduces to the system tray. There is nothing in the taskbar. The icon will sit in the system tray happily until I approach it with the mouse pointer. The instant it contacts the icon, the icon disappears. There is no prompt to save and no recording has taken place. I've tried all the recommended settings plus uninstalling/reinstalling Xvid codec (the recommended one - Jawor's) and CamStudio itself. I have even reverted to version 2.0 which plagues me with the avi codec error. Version 2.0 used to work fine for me and I can't think what might have changed to upset it. Any ideas?

Windows XP SP3.



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