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Camstudio video doesn't play nice with Adobe Premiere - Stuttering video

edited January 2015 in Support
I love, love, love this tool. It's peerless for sure, but I've had a constant problem with using Camstudio video in Adobe Premiere. I have tried a few different recording methods, but have settled on Camstudio's lossless codec at 20 fps. When I import to premiere and preview it, the mouse and other motion is jumpy hopping back and forth like video game lag.

If I "interpret" the media to treat it as if it were 50 or 60 fps in Premiere, it works nicely, but only so long as I don't mess with it too much like trying to play it faster or slower. Even then, it's a bit of experimenting to figure out what frame rate to emulate for it to play smoothly.

I don't know what else to say other than this makes things unnecessarily difficult and I hope there's some kind of solution :(


  • Another friend here found that Lagarith Lossless worked best for him for bringing into Premier. http://lags.leetcode.net/codec.html

    Let me know how it works for you! Try using Capture Frames Every set to 40 and Playback Rate set to 25. Or the reverse! As long as CFE and PBR when multipled sum to 1000, your audio sync should stay steady as well.
  • I'm recording audio separately so I'm not too worried about that if it makes a difference. I just don't want the picture to jump and hop around.

    I tried 25 frames per second as you suggested and the codec, but it's not really any different. I still have to modify it to 50 fps in premeire.

    Note that I AM converting to MPG4 with Any Video Converter but preserving the dimensions and FPS if that matters. When I imported it native, I still had the same issue :(
  • That should be working. I recently read of someone else who did get CamStudio to work with Premier but now I've lost that article. If I find it again I will post the link here.

    I'm a little surprised Lagarith Lossless still gave problems.

    Take a look at this video - it is working with X.264vfw compressor and works with Premier with game recordings using DXTory, which uses that compressor.

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