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RE: Video Option Settings (help?)

(I originally posted this is SUPPORT earlier in the week, but in hindsight I think I should have placed it here instead. Moderators please feel free to remove my duplicate post in SUPPORT. Thanks!).

Hi folks,

I am trying to record my image (face) from my LOGITECH webcam, and voice from a SENHIESSER USB headset mic. These both work fine on SKYPE etc. However, the video jumps very often and also the audio is out of sync (visually) with my mouth.

I have tried all of the compressor options and everything else on this particular page/window.

I don't think that you can UPLOAD images onto this forum and so I have placed 3 x screenshots in my Google Drive:


In the CONFIGURE section, I can increase the QUALITY RATION from 75 to 100, but it will not SAVE (it keeps reverting back to 75?!).

I followed as best I could all of the instructions on Terry's You Tube video:


Many thanks in advance . . .

Paul David Seaman
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