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I have now only a file:
When I try to cancel it, I get always:
''access denied''!
What do I have to do to cancel it?
Please help me!!!


  • Do you mean cancel, or are you trying to delete it?
    I don't recognize that file extension. It may be something made by
    another program like an antivirus program and is considered "busy" and
    in use by its host program, and so it cannot be deleted. Not sure.

    According to a quick search, it is a file extension for a new disk image format.


    May have been created by accident. Let me know if you discover anything else.

  • I mean delete. I want to delete this 8mb .vhdx file .
    Yes it is a disk image format created by camstudio setup!
    Please help me!
  • I am sorry, but as I said, I've never seen or heard of this file
    extension before you just brought it up. Two questions I'll need
    answered to possibly help you here:

    1) Where did you get this copy of CamStudio?

    2) In what folder does this file reside?

    For the group - has any one of you ever seen this file format before?

  • 1) I got it at http://camstudio.org with the Download Button.
    2) This file reside in my users\downloads folder the same of the camstudio setup
  • Just to follow up - deleting it using shift-delete seems to have worked to get rid of it! (Was also covering this via email with abalduina).
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