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How Come When I Download Cam Studio 2.7 Says Might Harm My PC?

I'll post snap shots of each step I'm doing. I had to post snap shots as a direct link, since for some reason it does not preview as a HTML IMG

Step 1 I click on the Green Button

Step 2 Leads me to a page where I have to copy a link and I do that also

Step 3 says the setup might harm my pc.

I don't know why it would say it will harm my PC :(


  • There is a movement by anti-virus programs and browsers to consider any links that directly download an .exe file containing an ad-supported installer to mark it as a warning. Also, many anti-virus programs use a method called "heuristics" that uses guessing about files that it sees may be similar in some ways to known problem files. CamStudio's installer has fallen victim to this, but not without reason - the company who built the installer has sometimes taken on what I consider to be "shady" clients, which Nick has to tell them to remove from our offers.

    Any time you download a freebie, make certain you read everything carefully and decline any offers you do not want. Too many people just click "next - next - next" without looking and get burnt, which is what the shady folks are relying on.

    Nick does a good job at clearing out the muck, fortunately.

  • Sorry for the delay, I was playing video games, I know I never click next, next, next, download, I don't wanna get my PC ruined and have to re format the whole thing over long process.
  • That is very good news! :-)
    Anyway, the version at Sourceforge - r316 - works great, and even lacks a bug in the keyboard shortcuts that the one at CamStudio.org introduced. That file and download location does not have any browsers flagging it as harmful.
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