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CamStudio sound

Win7 Pro SP1, Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 m CamStudio V2.7 build r316

CamStudio downloads videos to .avi but there is no sound. I have Record Audio From Speakers checked and adjust playback volume set for max.

Can anyone tell me what to set so CamStudio records the volume along with the .avi video?



  • 1. Change to record from microphone.
    2. Enable stereo mix or “what u hear” on your computer.
    3. Under audio options, select your specific audio capture device.

    That should do it.

  • wa0goz - please learn to use Voicemeeter as a mixer instead. It blows away using Stereo Mix, and allows much better control over your monitoring. Either the original version or Voicemeeter Pro "Banana" will serve you far better.

    If you set up Voicemeeter as both the default playback device and recording device (as you should when using this program), then CamStudio's problematic fall-back to "default" will stop being a problem.

    That gets around all the issues one can have with Stereo Mix. However, if you want to stay with Stereo Mix, have you tried setting that as the default recording device in the Windows Audio control panel? That also should get around the problem. Sorry that part of CamStudio is broken!
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