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No way to stop recording Screen flashing like crazy

I'm new to CamStudio. I tried to record my screen for the first time and when I was done I was trying to get the CamStudio window back on the screen so I could click the stop button. But there was no way to get the window back on the screen. For some reason it would not come back on the screen when I clicked on it's icon at the bottom of the screen. I tried minimizing all the other windows, but nothing was working. I had no way to stop the recording. I started pushing buttons on my keyboard, eventually my screen started going nuts flashing like crazy. There was nothing I could do to get it to stop flashing. I had to do a hard restart of my computer.

Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Why couldn't I get the Camstudio window back to stop my recording and why did it go nuts flashing like crazy?



  • That is something I explain in the welcome letter, as regards the flashing... if you close the taskbar item that says "flashing" with CamStudio running, boy oh boy -- it will flash a'plenty, as you discovered!!! That is a bug, of course...

    The only way to stop the recording if you have it minimized is to do so from double-clicking the tray-icon next to the clock to bring up the program window and hitting the stop button -- or more ideally, by setting up a keyboard shortcut!

    There is a preference to not allow it to minimize to the tray in the Options/Program Options area.

    Some people can start and stop from a right-click on that little tray-icon from the menu that pops up, but that does not work for everyone. However, I have no answer for you as to why that is - it seems pretty random.

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