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CamStudio Recorder has stopped working

edited July 2016 in Support
If I have Select Screen checked under the Region menu, then click the record icon, as soon as I click any of my 3 displays to indicate the display I want to record, I get the following Windows error:

CamStudio Recorder has stopped working.

Tried reinstalling, rebooting, starting as administrator with no luck. Running latest Windows 10 64 bit with 3 30" Dell monitors and nvidia GTX 260 and 660. Any ideas?


  • The only thing I seem to recall concerning that is that it only works with two screens, not with three. That is a vague memory, though. Can you verify whether it works with two screens enabled?
  • edited September 2016
    I had the same 3 monitors enabled last time I tried it earlier in the year and am fairly certain I used the Select Screen option and it worked just fine. Tried with just 2 screens enabled and got same error. Even though I already tried reinstalling it, I tried again and was pleasantly surprised that it is now working again.
  • That _is_ a pleasant surprise when that happens! If you find out what might have caused it to happen the first time, I'd sure like to hear about it! :-)
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