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CamStudio does NOT work :(

I was looking for a free screen recorder on the web and got to this one CamStudio. I downloaded it. I choose MP4 and then made a test run moving the mouse around the desktop. When I decided to stop it, I tried opening the CamStudio window again but it did not open. So I closed it and suddenly the screen started flashing red. I stopped CamStudio using the task bar and the flashing stopped. I tried to save the video, but it had an error converting to MP4 so I selected AVI for the next video. I recorded Super Smash Bros on a Nintendo 64 emulator (Project64) and when I finished recording, I watched the video and it flashed colors, the screen was recorded partially, and it was just the end of the video repeating itself. So I uninstalled CamStudio. Please tell me if it gets fixed or something.


  • The MP4 conversion (which actually is an AVI being handed off to ffmpeg to do the conversion) does not work on many people's machines. I do not know why. Possibly a more current version of ffmpeg would help things - that can be easily found on the web.

    For game recording, nothing can beat the free recorder and streaming software at http://obsproject.com

    CamStudio was made to record slide shows (like PowerPoint presentations) and screen casts of software. It was never intended for use as a game recorder. That is why it kinda sucks at it! Give OBS a try - you will love it.
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