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CamStudio does NOT work :(

I was looking for a free screen recorder on the web and got to this one CamStudio. I downloaded it. I choose MP4 and then made a test run moving the mouse around the desktop. When I decided to stop it, I tried opening the CamStudio window again but it did not open. So I closed it and suddenly the screen started flashing red. I stopped CamStudio using the task bar and the flashing stopped. I tried to save the video, but it had an error converting to MP4 so I selected AVI for the next video. I recorded Super Smash Bros on a Nintendo 64 emulator (Project64) and when I finished recording, I watched the video and it flashed colors, the screen was recorded partially, and it was just the end of the video repeating itself. So I uninstalled CamStudio. Please tell me if it gets fixed or something.


  • The MP4 conversion (which actually is an AVI being handed off to ffmpeg to do the conversion) does not work on many people's machines. I do not know why. Possibly a more current version of ffmpeg would help things - that can be easily found on the web.

    For game recording, nothing can beat the free recorder and streaming software at

    CamStudio was made to record slide shows (like PowerPoint presentations) and screen casts of software. It was never intended for use as a game recorder. That is why it kinda sucks at it! Give OBS a try - you will love it.
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