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Not getting the full video

Hey guys,

I'm a new CamStudio user and I've checked all the previous posts but can't seem to find an answer to my problem.

So I did a one hour recording session (full screen). When I ended the recording, I wasn't able to see the entire 1 hour but only 3 mins of the ending of the video which just keeps looping. The audio recorded for the hour but not the video.

Not sure if there is any way to see the entire video ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  • I've tried Virtualdub + AVIRepair but it only renders the last 3 mins. I know the data is there cause the video says "Created at the time I started the recording".
  • No, sorry - once the file size goes over the 2 GB file size limit, CamStudio crashes and produces an un-recoverable video recording. An hour at full-screen should have been possible, but would require you to use an efficient compressor like XVID or X.264vfw. Only those can squeeze that many pixels as in a full screen capture down to less than 2 GB. (I am assuming you tried to capture a 1080p screen.) Capturing a 720p screen is MUCH easier, and either of those compressors would have no problem with that size.

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