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Using CamStudio with 64 bit Windows 10, intel i5 processor

Hi All Interested Parties

I have been trying to record my organ eplayOrgan using CamStudio for upload to Youtube to be viewed primarily on my website https://midimusic.github.io look for eplayOrgan.

Unfortunately I have not had much luck - the main problem originally was getting the sound recorded along with the screen. I normally use line in for recording sound but CamStudio will not accept this -- so I solved it by connecting line out to mic in with a short cable, I reduced mic gain to 0db and all apparently worked OK. However I soon found that I was getting only 4 frames per second which is nowhere near enough for recording an organ.

At this point I gave up on CamStudio and tried the screen recorder built into Windows 10 accessed by typing Win G -- this was successful and I recorded four videos and uploaded them to Youtube. These videos can now be viewed on my website or directly on youtube (search for david csw900).

I then had an email from Terry who sent a very long and useful set of helpful suggestions for improving CamStudio's performance. Unfortunately I was unable to install a 32 bit version of xVid in my 64 bit PC and X264vfw installed a 32 bit codec but gave error messages when CamStudio tried to use it.

Since then I installed ezVid which would work at a high enough frame rate but it turns off sound output when it is recording the screen -- OK to prevent feedback when recording from a microphone but useless for recording an organ. I need to keep the sound output on (use Advanced settings and select headphone output does this) and mix it with a microphone. So far I have not had much success with this because it is too complicated to keep on inputting these settings. This program also has an extremely annoying feature of almost insisting you add its built in music to any recording you make.

Terry has strongly recommended I install Voicemeeter which I have now done. It is very complicated even for me, who has been working with audio for almost a lifetime. So this is where I am now.

I do not think CamStudio is up to the tasks I have to do, ezVid has useability problems any annoyances so any suggestions would be appreciated.

David csw900


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    Hi again

    Its too soon to expect any answers to my post above but I think I have solved it myself based on a comment by another user of this forum.

    The best and most professional free screen recorder appears to be OBS Studio which I have now installed. It has a built in mixer which appears to do all I need without voicemeeter but it accepts voicemeeter and I will leave this installed for the time being.

    OBS Studio works far better than ANY other screen recorder I have come across so far and overcomes all of the defects I have encountered above. I get 30fps 1080p video in mp4 format. It has far more capability than I need and can record all kinds of overlays and text if needed.

    I will be re-recording all my current Youtube videos using OBS Studio.

    Best wishes to all CamStudio fans.

    David csw900

    PS Important Windows Edge browser is currently saying that camstudio.org is an unsafe website and refuses to visit it (in spite of the https prefix).
  • Hi again

    This is an update to say that I have now replaced all my old videos on Youtube with new and enhanced ones using OBS Studio. I was quite surprised at getting 1080p displays from Youtube - considering how small the mp4 files are - considerably smaller than the Windows 10 screen recorder produced.

    My next step will be to try OBS Studio with a microphone + organ. I may or may not publish these depending on how well I get on.

    Good Luck to CamStudio

    David csw900
  • Sounds like you’re having great success with OBS, so the Cam experience is no longer relevant. On the other hand, for those still playing with CamStudio, I would point out that your original problems with the program can be easily solved. We have 3 64 bit computers and have had no problem with 32 bit codecs, although I know that Vista era machines can sometimes be stubborn with registration. That, and the fact that your original capture rate was so slow, suggests that the problem arose when going from a lossless codec to a pure video codec, such as x264 or MPEG-4 and having a communications issue between your graphics processor and Cam, which causes incorrect video parameters to be processed. I’m using the old 2.0 version, and that seems to be the only situation which will generate any kind of error message to be generated. Also keep in mind that Cam will produce video in an AVI container and nothing else.
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    Also, for others finding this thread and for CW900, music recordings into CamStudio or OBS work wonderfully (even mixed with a microphone) using VB-Audio's "Voicemeeter" or Voicemeeter Pro "Banana"



    I cannot sing high enough praise for these two programs, and use them daily with OBS to stream an improvisational music performance to YouTube. It works equally well set as the default recording device in Windows when used with CamStudio for making recordings. (We are using this virtual mixing board as the microphone input, basically!)

    A very nice feature is it can serve as an intermediary from ones' professional ASIO USB interface to the required WDM/KS kind of audio stream OBS and CamStudio both require, and Voicemeeter adopts the buffer settings of the ASIO interface to provide very low latency, and has a ton more options than does ASIO4ALL in that regard. Highly recommended!

    I have many Voicemeeter tutorials at my channel (same place all my CamStudio tutorials are and others):

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